Asian perspective on personal space

Mar 6, - Personal space in China is different therefore the level of discomfort is different too. Personal Space is all about how close someone is in proximity to you. These type of living conditions are not exclusive to China, but also other Asian countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, and various tribal regions. Personal Space A Non-Concept in Asia - Vietnam - Katia. Age: 27. If you like to meet me please contact me Why shouldn't social media be democratically owned by its users? Apr 24, - If you've traveled even a little bit, you've surely had the experience of sharing a public space with someone (or many someones) who wants to stand closer to you than you'd allow your partner most of the time. (I often had this experience at the ATMs in Baku, Azerbaijan, where crowding has replaced. Michaela. Age: 23. For call +1 786 398 4411, WhatsApp/Viber+1 786 8050815, If you are looking for the perfect, LA Escort, we present you Marina Personal Space in China Jul 30, - Oneof the characteristics of America, that we've come to really miss overthe past months in Asia, is having our personal space, and othersrespect the concept of Some personal thoughts as to why there such differing perspectives or priorities on the need for personal space between eastern and western. May 5, - Our perspectives on personal space — the distance we keep between the person in front of us at an ATM, the way we subdivide the area of an elevator — are often heavily influenced by the norms of the places we inhabit. Jerry Seinfeld once focused an episode of his sitcom on the concept of personal.

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Abigaile. Age: 25. Hello,rnrnI am glad I have catch your attention! I am an European well educated lady, with an attractive mix of spicy and sweeteness India Asia Map World Map Indians are not too conscious of their personal space on trains & buses where everyone is usually squashed together. Indians do not generally touch as part of communication, although it is common to see male friends holding hands or with their arms around each other when they walk. This is. One of its direct influences is on the size of the individual personal space. 'Distant' cultures (northern Europe, US, and many other westerns cultures) tend to keep more personal space and use less touching than other more 'warm' cultures. Asian cultures are characterized by more accommodating accepting attitude when it. My professor used to tell a joke in introductory logic (Logic ) course. An excavation in India found a copper wire about two thousand years old, and they reached a conclusion that Indians might have used the wire to transmit signal or energy tw.


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