Facial reflexology map

Reflexology is a healing method completely safe and effective, which involves applying pressure to specific reflex points, each of which is related to an organ or body part specific. From these have evolved over time with various forms of reflexology massage of the feet, hands. Facial Reflexology | Face Reflexology Mindy. Age: 20. Hi guys Its great advantage is that anyone can learn the on your own and practice with himself or the people around them and avoid drug use, cutting the evil in the bud. Every line and every trait in your face will give you messages. Facial Acne MapFace Map AcneAcne Face ChartFace FacialMeridian PointsMeridian EnergyReflexology PointsAcupuncture PointsAcupressure Points. According to reflexology theory, specific points on the face are connected via meridian lines (energy lines) that run throughout the body connecting systems and organs. Mandi. Age: 24. I do not get bored, I am a pure smile all the time, and I respect the time we agreed on the handy, sometimes you can get a bonus too (leave it as a surprise) Facial Reflexology WATCH MY PREVIOUS VIDEO ▻ careertrainingguides.info WATCH MY NEXT VIDEO ▻ careertrainingguides.info Feb 5, - By Yvette Eastman. face-reading Every line and every trait in your face will give you messages. Look at yourself in the mirror to discover which areas need assistance. Notice the superimposed image of a body drawn on the face. Look at the place where I have drawn the head. Now look at the picture of the.

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Delilah. Age: 27. Busty Sexy Brunette Escort Victoria! rnTantra massage, body-of -body massage,naked massage and more Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem™ (also known as Facial Reflex Therapy Sorensensistem™) is a holistic reflexology treatment carried out on the face; the client is fully clothed and lies flat on a treatment couch. It was invented, researched and developed by Lone Sorensen. Sorensensistem™ instructors and their students. Facial reflexology chart that illustrates the acupressure points on the face and skull. Most are used for facial rejuvenation.


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