A softball batter swinging the bat

In softball, batting starts with an athletic stance in which the bat is held near the shoulders, and the elbow is. Softball Hitting: The Swing in Slow Motion | Softball Drills & Tips Video Library | PlaySportsTV Reina. Age: 30. Feel free to contact me ! See you xxx Many people use the terms Bat Drag and Bat Lag interchangeably when, in truth, they are opposites. Coaches emphasize correct softball hitting fundamentals because they know: for players to be successful at the plate they need to have the fundamentals properly aligned. If you're a If the arms are extended too early in the swing, the swing arc will be too large and the hitter will sacrifice bat speed and power. As the hands. Mulani. Age: 18. Spoil yourself with a unique, delicate and one of a kind exotic companion, Kassidy 'Squash the Bug' and Other Softball Batting Tips That Don't Work To teach your child the fundamentals of hitting a softball here is a step-by-step guide. Begin with the lightest youth softball bat you can find that meets your local league guidelines, and work your way up from there. When in Again, early batting practices are a great time to learn about a proper batting stance and swing. Jul 17, - The batter should allow the front shoulder to track the ball from the pitcher's hand to the contact zone. As the bat is approaching the ball, the arms remain bent. If the arms are extended too early in the swing, the swing arc will be too large and hitter will sacrifice bat speed and power. As the hands move.

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Joey. Age: 22. Australian LUXURY COMPANION in your city soon!! What happens during Bat Drag is that, fairly early on in the swing, the hitter's back elbow gets ahead of their top hand. . my sons and hundreds of young hitters in our youth baseball and softball program, I have developed an approach to fixing Bat Drag that is easy to implement and that can quickly yield dramatic results. Jun 2, - Reduces bat control, as the bat moves in a circular motion. May develop strong pull hitters, but good pitchers can easily pitch around a dead-pull hitter. Increases strikeouts, since hands take a longer path to get to the ball. Forces batters to start swinging early and usually before they decide whether the pitch. This video provides a slow-motion look at proper softball hitting technique, demonstrating the key parts of a strong swing. These are some great softball tips for young players learning how to play softball.


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