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Nov 27, - The one and only time in all her life that she had been spanked had been at the age of twelve. Vanessa's curiosity on the subject of spanking had driven her to misbehave horribly until her parents finally decided that she needed a spanking. Her daddy had taken her over his knee, bared her little bottom. MMSA story - 'Diary of a Naughty Boy' by Polaspank Lindsey. Age: 24. I have black hair and a very smooth skin Liz listened and told Kelly that was well within her capabilities. Ever since then, Vanessa had secretly fantasized about spanking: Mar 1, - Kelly's Story She had Kelly over her knee, jeans and panties around her ankles, and proceeded to spank Kelly. It didn't take many smacks before Kelly started to When the waitress arrived at their table with their meals, Liz proclaimed: “Many women benefit from a hairbrush spanking.” She smiled as she. Abby. Age: 30. Hello Guys Across Miss Anderson's Knee From: [email protected] (SFPo8) Newsgroups: careertrainingguides.infong Subject: Therapy Date: 28 May Introduction and disclaimer: This is not a true .. Get over my knee. You have earned yourself a spanking, and you know it." She sat down on the bed and motioned me to get across her knees, and before I. Jan 11, - New MMSA story: 'Diary of a Naughty Boy' by Polaspank. I lay across her lap in the traditional 'face-downwards' position adopted by one who is going to receive a spanking. My hands touched I tensed the wobbly cheeks of my bottom, as I saw her raise the hairbrush over her head for the first spank.

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Irma. Age: 23. Oils and lotions Mar 28, - New MMSA story: 'A long overdue spanking from Aunt Peggy' by Billy Aunt Peggy said, You would have deserved it, if I'd put you across my knee right there in front of everybody! Aunt Peggy was . I turned, and Aunt Peggy, laying her hairbrush on her lap, reached up with both hands to my briefs. Feb 3, - Erotic Spanking Story - Humiliating Spanking Fantasy – Naughty Girl gets public bare bottom spanking – Rectum Temperature Punishment. Witnessing my mother pull down my pants, bend me over her knee to give me a hard spanking had left a lasting impression on Kara as well. Though she had never. Sep 24, - Several years ago, Mr. Thompson had taken Angie over his knee for a blistering spanking and reminded her that shit ran down hill. Either she solved the Keeping the purse in the drawer, Daphne quickly withdrew the hairbrush her boss had identified and hid it behind her back. Keeping it out of their view.


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