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During a 'standard pelvic' exam, I always do a 'clitoral sensitivity test'. My 'patient' usually is aroused, anyway, so this 'test' is even more enjoyable for her. If my med-fet 'patient' wants just a 'standard exam (with NO sexual overtones), I will often manage to 'accidentally' make contact her clitoris, just to see if. Inappropriate Touching in the Doctor’s Office | Psychology Today Shalina. Age: 27. Also GF Experience Search this Thread Advanced Search. I have always wondered if clitoral contact is typical during the external vaginal exam and whether ladies find any enjoyment when it does happen. Dec 20, - There are usually 3 parts to a pelvic exam. Sometimes not all the parts are necessary. Ask your health care provider which part(s) will be done for your exam. Vaginal area. The External Exam (Part 1): Your health care provider will first look at the area outside of your vagina (clitoris, labia, vaginal opening. Viviann. Age: 23. Hey I'm Naomi a very sexy and accommodating girl Your First Pelvic Exam Position the patient at the very edge of the exam table, with her feet in stirrups, knees bent and relaxed out to the side. If she is not down far enough, the Gently retract the clitoral hood back, exposing the clitoris while looking for peri-clitoral lesions. Look for the hymen or Pelvic Anatomy Video. During the bimanual exam. Jan 12, - Throughout the examination, the examiner should avoid the sensitive anterior structures (urethra, clitoris). During insertion, a gentle downward pressure of the speculum against the rectovaginal septum can ease opening of the vaginal vault. The speculum should be fully inserted to the hub before it is.

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Joyce. Age: 19. We are a married independent couple, from algarve (portugal) available for meetings in algarve and travel in europe and worldwide to satisfy you. Sweet, sexy, beautiful lady, long brown hair, beautifull large natural breasts, 33 years, 1,62cm, 55kg(heterosexual, no gay). Sexy guy, 34 years, 1,75cm, 63kg (heterosexual, no gay). Once the speculum is removed, a vaginal/pelvic exam will be performed using two fingers. This is to feel for abnormal growths or cysts that can not be seen with a visual exam. It also allows the docor to exam the uterus and ovaries. There is no reason for a doctor to touch or stimulate your clitoris during a routine pelvic exam. Jul 27, - A doctor definitely DOES NOT stimulate your clitoris during a gynecological exam!! If this happened to your friend then I would consider it sexual abuse. Perhaps you should ask her to clarify what she meant. Actual rubbing of the clitoris? No, no, and NO. A doctor does not do anything sexual to you. Aug 9, - And yet, listening to heart sounds pales in comparison to the difficulties of performing expert pelvic examinations. For starters, when a medical student listens to a patient's heart through a stethoscope, the worst outcome for the patient is the feeling of cold plastic on their chest. An inexpert pelvic examination.


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