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Midget is a term for a person of unusually short stature that is considered by some to be pejorative. While not a medical term, it has been applied to persons of unusually short stature, often with the medical condition dwarfism, particularly proportionate dwarfism. It may also refer to anything of much smaller than normal size. What is the politically correct term for 'midgets'? - Quora Jaye. Age: 19. Available for incall, outcall, dinner dates, disco party, travel and etc In just one day, Novick caught several people snapping cellphone photos of him, and recorded even more people making rude and insensitive comments—some right to his face. In the 's, perhaps as a parallel with the civil rights movement and the women's rights movement, some of the younger members of LPA began using the term "dwarf" and "dwarf power" as a symbol of self and group pride. POLITICALLY CORRECT OR JUST CORRECT. When the topic of disassociating people with dwarfism from the word midget comes up, people often begin the rant of “The world is too politically correct”, “You can not say anything any more” and so on. This has always been fascinating since this seems to happen only with. Blue. Age: 20. Are you looking for a magical experience? I offer stimulating companionship sensational conversation 5 Things You Should Never Say (or Do) to a Little Person The correct terminology, when it comes to dwarfism, varies form country to country, between different cultures and even from person to person. The one thing that is agreed upon is that the word “midget” is considered HIGHLY OFFENSIVE to people with dwarfism. In the United States of America, such terms as Little People. I had spent over a decade of my life as a disability advocate and spokesperson for the dwarf community promoting "politically correct" use of terminology. I had helped make the word midget such a powerfully negative word that it was endangering my son! And we had never actually talked about the word -- he just picked up.

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Jaylene. Age: 30. The erotic classic dominance! Oct 30, - Little Person or LP is considered the politically correct way to address someone of short stature. Some people are Back when freak shows were just becoming popular, Phineas T. Barnum, who created the Barnum and Bailey's circus act in , deemed the word midget to be “socially acceptable.” (Ebert. Aug 21, - Some prefer the term "little person," while others would rather use the word "dwarf," but both are generally considered inoffensive. The one word you should never, ever use: midget. As Jonathan mentions in the video, it's offensive and inaccurate. The word actually traces back to the days of side shows in. Historically, the term midget was used to describe "proportionate dwarfs," while dwarfs could be any person affected by dwarfism, proportionate or disproportionate. Today The politically correct term for people suffering from dwarfism, especially in United States, Canada and New Zealand is "little person" or "little people.".


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