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I continued searching through his history until I came across some smoking fetish stories. Most of the stories he had read were of schoolgirls caught smoking. It made me think back to when I started smoking in school and sometimes getting caught. Although the punishment was not as pleasurable as in these stories. A Date With My Wife - Fetish - careertrainingguides.info Mckenzee. Age: 28. un bonjour a tous ceux qui me font le plaisir de visiter mon profil I felt ashamed watching, but I also felt my own cock stirring with my arousal. Pulling them out he placed them on their bed and then moved to his special hiding place on the top shelf of their walk in closet. Free fetish stories on subjects including spanking, foot fetish, panty fetishes, and more. Corinne. Age: 22. Hello my name is Brandi Lowe, I am 20 years old and I love to have all sorts of fun Caught cross-dressing by my wife Pantyhose fun with my wife after a wedding reception. Nov 13, - 27 People Share Their Partner's Kinkiest Fetish And Whether They Were Down With It Or Not My wife has a fetish (I think) for some on initiating sex with her while she's trying to ignore them. . Long story short I picked up smoking and I wasted a lot of gas driving around finding new places to fuck.

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Daytona. Age: 30. Leggy model and professional Dominant looking for reliable gents or slaves for play Special thanks to Angel Love for editing. * Waking up to the smell of bacon and eggs I looked at the clock flashing AM and for a second thought I was going to be late for work. Remembering it was Saturday morning I got up, put on my robe and walked to the kitchen. My beautiful wife Samantha was already awake, had. Apr 26, - It all started on an un-eventful weekend. I had been pestering my wife for months to really surprise me. So much so that I had resorted to downloading porn again, something I only do when she hasn't had time to make me a special home movie. Well, you might not like what you ask for I guess. I was sitting. 6 days ago - There was a note next to them, my wife's beautiful handwriting obvious from across the room. “Trevor My Love,. I finally feel like I know my husband. You've kept your secret from me for far too long, but now I know. I've seen the stories and websites on your computer. I know you yearn to be feminine, to dress.


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